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Plotting long dataseries


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We are working with big datasets that can contain timeseries with more than 50 000 values. When having many of these timeseries painting of the chart becomes slow. Also the chart becomes messy if plotting all of these 50 000 values for each timeseries.

A solution to this could be to reduce the number of datavalues by some sort of filtering before populated in the chart. This will speed up the performance/reduce plotting time, but the resolution is lost when zooming.

Is there any functionality in ChartFX to handle this? 

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Yes. Take a look ad Data.CompactedBy (http://support.softwarefx.com/OnlineDoc/cfxNet70//WinAPI/DataValues_CompactedBy.htm)

This will help if the performance degradation comes from drawing the chart. If the degradation comes from obtaining data from your datasource, then it will not and you will have to devise a strategy for filtering your data before bringing it to the client (e.g. in SQL). You can always capture Zoom events to repopulate the chart with a new set of points.

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