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Remove Items in LegendBox


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Hi, I'm charting with several series and a couple of AxisSections for the X axis.

I don't want to display these AxisSections' information in the LegendBox, so I tried this:

chart1.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[chart1.AxisX.Sections].Visible = false;

But, it didn't work. It just caused a buil error. I assume the problem is, unlike the API Reference says, this LegenItemAttributesCollection of the LegendBox requies 'ILegendBoxItemCollection' not 'ILegendItemCollection' for the collection parameter.

I tried the exact same statement in a debug mode and it worked then, which makes me more confused.

Am I using this wrong or is this because I'm using a wrong build version, 7.0.3754.185555?


Thanks in advance.

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I tried the method with two parameters as 'chart1.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[chart1.AxisX.Sections, i].Visible = false' and it worked fine. I just don't get it.

And, I'm troubling with a Pie chart, now. One Pie chart, one series, right?

I'm working with 10~15 points for the chart. Normally, 3~5 items take more than 90% of the chart area and I don't want to display other items in the LegendBox. So, I tried 'KeyLabels' property as written in the API Reference because it seems to be the only possibility since there is just one series, but it didn't work and showed the same build error.


Any solutions for the Pie chart?


Also, is there any way to display 2 X 4 multiple panes? I could handle the vertically arranged panes but I couldn't find a clue to display them horizontally as ChartFX WPF provided.


Thanks in advance. 


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