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Turning off "Minor" Grid Lines for Log Log plot


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I have a log log plot and I only want lines displayed at the labels location (ex. 10^0, 10^1, 10^2, 10^3, etc.).  I have the visibility of the Axis.Grids.Minor set to collapsed.  It appears that the lines that are showing up between my labels are considered major grid lines because if I set Axis.Grids.Major.Stroke to a green solid color brush it changes all of the grid lines for that axis to green.

 How do I set the grid lines for a log log plot so I only see the lines at the label?




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We have historically always painted these "intermediate" grid lines (and yes they are considered major gridlines) because this is the grid layout that people immediately relate with a logarithmic axis.

It does look a little crowded so any build marked 3888 or later will support an AxisStyle to turn them off, e.g.

  chart1.AxisY.AxisStyle |= AxisStyles.HideIntermediateLogLines; 

This build should be available in a day or two. 


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