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Chart Marker Z-Order and Random Vertical Chart Divisions


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The Z-order of the markers on a chart appear to be tied to the series they are a part of instead of always being in front (higher Z-order) of the chart.

Also, there is a vertical line overlaid on the chart that appears to
be connected to the first marker. These divisions (left/right of the line) can
be highlighted separately on MouseOver:

Posted Image 

How can I make the Z order of the markers higher and get rid of the vertical line?



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Although I agree that the z order of the markers should be higher, it is not a change we feel confident adding in a hotfix. Also the vertical lines appear because our code sees a change in a parameter (even though is only marker related) so it "breaks" the paint of the area, the vertical line is the border of the area, you can imagine this more easily if you think what would happen if you change the fill color for all points higher than 5.

To overcome these limitations you might want to try adding extra series that will contain the markers and make sure they are drawn on top of the area, e.g.

chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Area;

chart1.AllSeries.StackedStyle = StackedStyle.Normal;

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes("Field1"));

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes("Field2"));

// Now repeat series as lines so that they appear on top of area

// Note that the first one should not be stacked

SeriesAttributes series1Line = new SeriesAttributes("Field1");

series1Line.Stacked = false;

series1Line.Gallery = Gallery.Scatter;

// Setting content to an empty string will cause element to be skipped for

// legend window but you will need hotfix 3882 or later

series1Line.Content = "";


SeriesAttributes series2Line = new SeriesAttributes("Field2");

series2Line.Stacked = true;

series2Line.Gallery = Gallery.Scatter;

series2Line.Content = "";



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