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ChartFX cannot take empty Collection as ItemsSource


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Dear All,

Another major difficulty I came across using ChartFX: when you set the ItemsSpurce of the chart (or any other control like XamDataGrid for instance) you may not really have data straight away (you pull it later from server, user enters it etc.) with chartFX if I bind ItemsSource to INSANTIATED but empty collection of lines, It throws exception (about static method in non-static context I believe). I think it has to do with List transform I'm using and working out a binding by the chart. Can you try this case and try to find workaround for it? I will greatly appreciate your help on this one.

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In our tests we could not duplicate the exception when using and empty collection of lines but we did find an issue when adding items to the collection later. Are you sure you are using our most recent hotfix? Did you check the file version of ChartFX.WPF.dll that is copied to the Bin\Debug folder in your app?

If possible, please post (or send an email) with a sample app that duplicates this exception.



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I posted a slightly changed Test project from my previous post about Data context clearing. I simply removed addition of any Lines to the observable collection which is passed as data Context. Thanks a lot for your help on this one, this is one the major thing I need to work out for my current project and help would be immensely appreciated.

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