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Value from Xaxis based on mouse position


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Hey all,

 I am trying to get a value from xAxis by checking (somehow) current pixel value of the mouse position e.g. by using hitTest. It works ok for decimal values on X axis, but what if I have dates? I get back double value of e.g. 62089563 for a date... how can I actually use chartFX to get value from XAxis (actual DateTime object) from pixel position (or a similar technique) ?

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If you are using PixelToValue note that we return a DataUnit which have intrinsic castings to dates so you can write the following

DateTime d = chart1.AxisY.PixelToValue(300);

If you are using other API that returns a double you can use the following code

DateTime d2 = DataUnit.DoubleToDate(500);

Also note that most of our data-related properties are DataUnit so you can pass a DateTime directly to AxisY.Min/Max etc.


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