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PSS issues, never ending story


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My company had stopped chartfx related development almost 1 and half year ago and they are planning to restart now. My manager wanted from me to get the chartfx environment ready since our earlier server we used to use for chartfx has been rebuilt and thus installation is gone. He gave me a virtual dev instance I can install chartfx. I have installed it and the first check i did was whether PSS is working. It was not. I remembered that I have asked questions about it when I was first dealing with chartfx, which yielded no results, and after all of this time, version updates, fixes etc could not help to get over this issue. It seems to be a windows server 2003 64bit environment issue since I have installed development version to my box, which is XP Pro SP3, and it is working fine. When I looked the installation log I saw this message:

Installing assembly 'C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe'.Affected parameters are: assemblypath = C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe logfile = C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.InstallLogAn exception occurred while trying to find the installers in the C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe assembly.System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.Aborting installation for C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe."

I have tried to install the assembly manually using InstallUtil.exe in both c:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework and c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64, both failed also.

I don't know when SoftwareFX "plans" to resolve this issue (in chart FX version N, may be) but definetely I welcome if you have any workarounds. Thanks in advance.


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Ok, finally i found at least one resolution. PSS is still not working, but at least i have found a way to overcome assembly issue. When I first installed it, I realized that it installs to "Program Files (x86)" directory rather than "Program Files" since it is a 32bit application and 32bit applications default directory is the first one. Thinking that installation for 64bit is not throughly tested and installation process may have static entries to regular "Program Files" I tried to install to Program Files by manually changing the installation directory and it didn't help (which I entered above after that by the way, you can see the installation directory as usual Program Files in above entry). However, when I installed it to default directory again I have seen this message in Event viewer;

"Assembly not found C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\bin\ChartFX.WebForms.Base.dll"

Wait a min. I am installing to "C:\Program Files (x86)" directory not to "C:\Program Files". So why does it says that it can't find the assembly in usual program files location? I don't know exactly, but my guess is, as I mentioned above, some static entries in installation process. So what I did? Simple. I just copied ChartFX directry from "C:\Program Files (x86)" into "C:\Program Files" and uninstalled it and installed again and voila! This time error is gone and instead of having error message I have now following output in install.log file;

"Installing assembly 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe'.

Affected parameters are:

assemblypath = C:\Program Files (x86)\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe

logfile = C:\Program Files (x86)\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.InstallLog

Installing service Chart FX 7.0 PSS Service...

Service Chart FX 7.0 PSS Service has been successfully installed.

Creating EventLog source Chart FX 7.0 PSS Service in log Application...

Creating performance counter category Chart FX 7.0 PSS Service.

See the contents of the log file for the C:\Program Files (x86)\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe assembly's progress.

The file is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.InstallLog.

Committing assembly 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe'.

Affected parameters are:

assemblypath = C:\Program Files (x86)\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.exe

logfile = C:\Program Files (x86)\Chart FX 7\PSS\ChartFX.PSS.Service.InstallLog

logtoconsole =


Now ChartFX is in services list along with GridFX PSS service (GridFX PSS didn't have this issue and was there already) and now sharing the same problem with it:

"The Chart FX 7.0 PSS Service service failed to start due to the following error:

The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. "


"Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for the Chart FX 7.0 PSS Service service to connect."

Same message goes with GridFX. Just replace Chart FX with Grid FX:) Now I will try to figure out why this message comes up. I will keep posting as soon as I find any resolutions.





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Could you please let us know which version of Chart FX 7 you are currently using?

Remember that you can contact our support team at support[AT]softwarefx.com for further assistance about this issue. They will be more than glad to help you. Please include your product serial number as well.


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Hi Rocio,

I am using latest versions which I have downloaded last week from your website. That's why I have said never ending story since I had the very same issue with versions that were built 1.5 year ago when we used ChartFX first. I will contact with support team, however, we don't have a priority support package, so I don't know whether getting help is possible from them. BTW i will give exact version numbers at below in case you need them. Thanks for checking.

ChartFX --> 7.0.3754.18555

GridFX --> 1.0.3664.21976
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