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CustomGridLine Tooltips not working


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CustomGridLine Tooltips not working

I have tried to get the example of a custom gridline inside Axis Sections.sln, but even the tootip inside the example does not work.

Does anyone have a working customgridline tooltip example that is working?

Here is my Code. What am I doing wrong?

// Create ToolTip for the Gridline

ToolTipAttributes customGridlineToolTip = new ToolTipAttributes();

customGridlineToolTip.IsEnabled = true;

customGridlineToolTip.Content = label;


//Create GridLine

CustomGridLine customGridline = new CustomGridLine(new DataUnit(barPosition), label);

customGridline.Title.FontSize = 13;

customGridline.StrokeThickness = 3;

customGridline.ToolTips = customGridlineToolTip;



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Your code is fine, the custom grid line default template was incorrectly using IsHitTestVisible false (we do this for the normal gridlines). Also our code was not properly detecting the mouse over the custom gridline title.

Both issues will be fixed on our next hotfix (build 3842 or later) early next week.


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