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large amount of points with marker cause unbearable slowness


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Hello. my charts usually contains large amount of points on a line type chart (hundred of thousands).

when this amount is shown without markers, chart is drawn pretty quickly considered the large amount of data. when the markers are visible this becomes very slow to the point of unusable.

is there any way to be able to work with markers with this amount of data ?

This i s very critical to our project as this is a must have feature being able to handle large data.

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We have a feature in a non-XY line chart where the marker size will decrease if the points are close together and at some point will dissapear, e.g. if you have more points than pixels the markers would just hide the trend line obscuring the plot.

If you have an XY chart (or you are setting the Marker Size manually) with hundreds of thousands of points I am afraid there are not a lot of options

- Change the Marker templates used in the chart using the MarkerTemplates property, e.g. chart1.MarkerTemplates = ChartFX.WPF.Motifs.Basic.MarkerTemplates, our default templates might be a little too complex for your scenario.

- Hide the markers

To try to measure the "blame" you might want to try creating a canvas and adding hundreds of thousands of visuals, note for example that if you resize the chart we have to calculate the new position for all the visuals and move them. I think WPF in general with current hardware still does not scale to this level, also note that unless you are using scrolling we cannot do any virtualization as all markers are visible.


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