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BoundingRectangle in the WPF version and obtaining the dimensions of the map


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I noticed the BoundingRectangle property is missing from the Pane object in the WPF version. Is there another way to obtain the left, top, width and height of the plotted area of the chart, so that one can add elements or adorners to the chart? I understand it can be accomplished with annotations, but is there a wat to obtain the width and height of the area?

I am trying to build a zoom slider in WPF similar to the silverlight example. Thanks.

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Hi Juan,

I met similar issue that BoundingRectangle is missing, so that I am not able to track the position of added object (on top of ChartFX) in respect to Pane plot area.

 Your ZoomStyle.Stripe solution solved part of my question. However, right now, because I want to capture and record this new AxisX boundary (to show the customer their selected (or Zoomed) region in another Chart), the very urgent thing is how to know the boundary of AxisX when in the Zoom Mode? Can you help?


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