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Hit test problem with cylinder and cone bar types

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I have a handler for OnMouseUp which takes various actions based on the

value of the MouseEventArgsX.HitTest member. One action I take is to update

the Point's context menu based on the point the user clicked on.

If I have a Bar, Gantt or Cube chart and the Bar type is the default, i.e.

Square then wherever I click on the bar I get a HitTest of Point.

However, if I set the Bar type to Cylinder, then the HitType is only Point

when I click the very top of the bar. If I click it anywhere else I get


If I set the Bar type to Cone, then no matter where I click on the Point I

always get a HitType of InsideArea.

I would expect that whatever the type of the Bar, I shuold get a HitTest of

Point wherever I click on the Point. Will this be fixed in the next Service


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