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Toolbar disappearing when redisplay a statistics chart


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I notice when try to reset a chart through code, and i am using the statistical extensions package, that when i repost a page that creates the chart, the toolbar does not appear. The following is my code:


Chart1.Height = 600

Chart1.Width = 800

Chart1.ToolBar.Visible =




Dim statistics1 As Statistical.Statistics

statistics1 =

New Statistical.Statistics

statistics1.LegendBox.Visible =


statistics1.Chart = Chart1






The first time i display the chart, the toolbar appears just fine, but if I do a postback to the page to recreate the chart, then every time after the first time, the toolbar does not appear. However if i take out the part of code that creates the statistical analysis, the problem does not exist.

Is this a know bug?? I am not initializing the chart object correctly or the statistical part properly??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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