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  1. Is it possible to render the chart as a .Net control, but instead of copying it as a BITMAP, it can copy/export it as a JPEG??
  2. I have created a chart with 2 Axis Panes stacked one on top of the other. Is it possible to split the legend into 2 legend boxes so that they each correspond to the correlating axis pane? Or is it possible to use 2 custom legend boxes??
  3. I want to render my chart as a JPEG. There is a menu item in the toolbar that says "Save as Bitmap". If user selects this item, it will copy the chart to the clipboard as a JPEG (not a Bitmap). This can be confusting to the user, so I would like to change the text for this menu item to say "Save as JPEG". Is this possible to do?? If so how?? Thanks in advance...
  4. I was using the Trial edition of Cfx7 Ext Pack, and after my 30 days were up, I uninstalled the trial version. When I now go to install the full purchased version, it gives me a error msg after about a couple seconds (and before i can enter anything) saying: "Chart FX 7 Extensions Pack Installation has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." "If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost" I was wondering if there could be an issue with something not being uninstalled properly from the trial th
  5. I still am experiencing this problem for the past 2+ years. Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  6. I have been working on this issue now for many weeks and still cant figure this out. I cant Load my personalized saved settings without getting this error msg. I also get this message if I try to restore default settings. Please Help!!
  7. Im having the exact same issue. Hope someone can please advise on this. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am trying to create a scatter point chart. I have string values on X axis and Numeric values on Y axis. I have multiple entries of same string values in my datasource. When I plot the values I get multiple entries of the String in the chart. Instead I want all the Y values corresponding to the same string(X value) on a single column. What chart property should I use? Or is there some other technique i can use for a work around so that I can get the chart to display what i want? By the way, if the x-axis is a Numeric or Date value, it works fine for me when i set the following prope
  9. I notice when try to reset a chart through code, and i am using the statistical extensions package, that when i repost a page that creates the chart, the toolbar does not appear. The following is my code: Chart1.Reset() Chart1.Height = 600 Chart1.Width = 800 Chart1.ToolBar.Visible = True Dim statistics1 As Statistical.Statistics statistics1 = New Statistical.Statisticsstatistics1.LegendBox.Visible = Truestatistics1.Chart = Chart1 statistics1.Studies.Add(Statistical.Analysis.Mean) statistics1.Studies.Add(Statistical.Analysis.Sigma1) statistics1.Studies.Add(Statistical.Analysis.
  10. Im trying to set the printer option so that when a user prints the chart from the web, it defaults to landscape orientation... but when they go to print, it still defaults to portrait every time. I inserted the following line into my code: Chart1.Printer.Orientation = PageOrientation.Landscape Is this happing to me because its a WEB application and the browser securities doesnt allow me to set the properties?? At tleast that is my initial assesment, so I am looking for confirmation. Thanks in advance...
  11. The formatting code you gave me works great for getting the total.. thanks. However, I was hoping to label the stack so that each series displayed its individual series value in the middle of its bar, with the total of the stack on very top (outside the stacked bars). This is assuming that you are using vertical bars of course... Maybe this could be posible with a work around through code by manually calculating the totals somehow???
  12. I am trying to create a stacked bar chart and display the TOTAL of each stack of series in the Chart. For example, currently if we want to show the pointlabels for a stacked bar chart, the labels we will only see are the value for each series in the stack individually. What I would like to do is, in addition to showing each series value, is at the very top of the stack, to have it display the total for the entire stack of all series. Is this possible in any way?
  13. Is it possible to Format the values in the Stat Ext Legend Box?? In my chart I am able to set the format of the values to Percentage using the following line of code: Chart1.AxisY.LabelsFormat.Format = AxisFormat.Percentage However the values in the Stat Ext Legend Box are still shown as a decimal (Example -- In Chart = 56.34%, In StatExt Legend = .5634) How can I make sure they are formated in the Stat Ext Legend Box as well?? thanks....
  14. After a few days of trying to fix my problem, the solution was very simple. To get ChartFX working again, all i needed to do was STOP the ChartFX service from running as a windows service (under Administrative Tool/Services) . Apparently, when the windows updates were installed and the server was rebooted, the ChartFX application service did not automatically start as observed by our server team. So since our server guy noticed this, decided to start the service manually. With this running as an application service, apparently it was causing some sort of conflict/problems to our PSS runn
  15. Chart FX was working fine for us up until today where it has now for some reason stopped working on our production server. Over this past weekend a Windows Update was installed (and now uninstalled) to the server. When we try to create a Chart FX control, nothing is generated on our webpage and we get the following error in our Event Viewer (Any Ideas??): Description: Event code: 3005 Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred. Event time: 7/21/2008 3:24:39 PM Event time (UTC): 7/21/2008 7:24:39 PM Event ID: 508bdc433b50461287af571058d8cfa2 Event sequence: 10 E
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