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PowerGadget Presenter: This gadget was encrypted in a different computer or user account


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Having problems getting an demo setup...

  • Downloaded the PowerGadgets Mobile Creator and installed it on my desktop
  • Created a new gadget using a SQL data source that shows a graph
  • Saved the .PGF file and copied it to the Citrix server
  • Installed PowerGadgets Mobile for Xenapp on the Citrix server
  • Published an application icon per the Deployment Guide
  • When I launch the application, I see "This gadget was encrypted in a different computer or user account"

Any ideas what the problem is?


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Hi Donald,

When you use databases with SQL credentials (not Windows authentication), PowerGadgets supports several methods to store the credentials in the pgf file, allowing you to select your preferred method depending on the level of security you need to maintain in your organization. The methods currently supported are:

1. No confidential information is saved. When you run the gadget for the first time, the credentials are requested at runtime.

2. Credentials are saved as plain text: this option is probably the easiest during developmenand initial testing, but not recommended for production since it's not secure at all (anyone with access to the pgf file will be able to see the user and password)

3. Credentials are encrypted using the machine and user account. This option is less vulnerable than option 2 and easy to use for development, but can't be used for deploying your gadgets. This is what seems to be happening to you.

4. Credentials are encrypted using a digital signature, which must be deployed to the XenApp server.

These options appear in the the second page of the data wizard, in the same page where you provide server and credentials. I recommend you modify the pgf file, choosing option 1 or 2, and then deploy again for test.



Software FX

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