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Does ChartFX for WPF support a chart type that is similar to this one below? I looked at the sample charts available on your website but didn't find a complete list of the chart types available.

Posted Image


Also, I just want to confirm this. Clicking on any section in the chart triggers an event, correct? Because one of our goals is that if a section is selected, let's say (Meeting Arranged - blue section in the chart above), a block of codes will be executed.

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You can achieve this chart by using a 3D stacked gantt, as follows

chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Gantt;

chart1.View3D.IsEnabled = true;

chart1.View3D.Wall.Thickness = 0;

chart1.View3D.BackWallVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed;

chart1.AxisX.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;

chart1.AxisY.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;

chart1.GalleryTemplates = ChartFX.WPF.Motifs.Edge.GalleryTemplates;

chart1.AllSeries.StackedStyle = StackedStyle.Normal;

DockPanel.SetDock(chart1.LegendBox, Dock.Bottom);

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes("Meeting"));

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes("Preliminary"));

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes("Revised"));

List<DataItem> data = new List<DataItem>();

data.Add(new DataItem(2, 8, 2));

chart1.ItemsSource = data;

chart1.MouseClick += new HitTestEventHandler(OnMouseClick);

Note that in order to set cylinder bar we are setting a property called GalleryTemplates to a prebuilt resource in a separate assembly (ChartFX.WPF.Motifs) so you have to make sure you add a reference in your project. Also note that I am assuming a DataItem class with 3 double properties (Meeting, Preliminary and Revised) as your data layer.

The OnMouseClick would check for HitTestEventArgs.Series


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