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Menubar/toolbar/annotation bar Docking problems


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 I want to have the menu bar on the bottom of the chart, under it the toolbar, under it the annotation bar.

The problem is :

- when the toolbar, menubar are visible the menubar is under the toolbar,  even though I change the dock-properties.

- which are the right properties's settings to get the three bars always in the right order Menu/tool/annotationbar? if one the three bars invisible ist the order still

 the sam for the others for example: toolbar invisible => order Menu/annotation.

- How can I customize the menubar? is it possible to do it as the toolbar?

thank you

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They will be displayed in the order in which they are created.

 To ensure the order you want do this in the form-load (do not turn on the toolbar at design time):

chart1.MenuBar.Visible =


chart1.ToolBar.Visible = true;

annotation.ToolBar.Visible = true;

As for the ManuBar customization, the menubar is a toolbar too, it has the same API.


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 Thank you very much, the Annotation-object must be created at runtime:

chart1.MenuBar.Visible = true;

chart1.ToolBar.Visible = true;

ChartFX.WinForms.Annotation.Annotations annot = new ChartFX.WinForms.Annotation.Annotations();  

annot.Chart = chart1;  

annot.ToolBar.Dock = DockArea.Top;

annot.ToolBar.Visible = true;

That works in form-constructor but not in eventhandler form-load.

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