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CustomGridLine Send it to the back


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I created a customGridLine dinamically from source:

double[] strokeArr = { 1, 1, 1 };

CustomGridLine c2 = new CustomGridLine();

c2.Value = value;

Brush borderBrush = new SolidColorBrush(Color.FromArgb(225, 155, 55, 75));

c2.Stroke = borderBrush; c2.StrokeThickness = 3;

c2.StrokeDashArray = new DoubleCollection(strokeArr);


But my problem is that the CustomGridLine appear over the Points of the chart. I'd like to mive this GridLine backwards downto the bottom of the chart.

I tried to create this CustomGridLine before adding all the points to the chart and no way...



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Hi AdolfoCG,I am afraid this is by design. CustomGridLines are meant to highlight limits or specific points of interest in the chart. They can be drawn anywhere in the chart area by being attached to a particular value in the Axis but they are intended to appear over the points by design. RandyJ

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Good news, most of our code was internally ready to handle gridlines on the back or front (note that Axis.Grids.ShowInFront allows to move the default grids to the front) so we have added a ShowInFront property to CustomGridLine (default is true).

You can pickup this change by downloading hotfix build 3693 or later here, note that if UAC is enabled in your machine you have to run IE as administrator.

I hope this works for you


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Note that you posted a message in the "Chart FX for WPF" forum which is a different product than "Chart FX 7 for VS 2005".

If you are in fact using ChartFX 7 for VS 2005 as you stated then you need something like this

  customGrid.ExtraStyle |= CustomGridLineStyles.BackOnly;

If you are using Chart FX for WPF (as the screenshot seems to imply) then you need to make sure you download the most recent hotfix for ChartFX for WPF, the third number in the version for ChartFX.WPF.dll is the build number. ShowInFront was added in build 3693.


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Thank you, this worked for me.  I am using ChartFX 7 (not WPF), so wrong forum - I agree.  Here is the code I added for benefit of others. 

  Me.Chart1.Series(0).AxisY.CustomGridLines(0).ExtraStyle = _

  Me.Chart1.Series(0).AxisY.CustomGridLines(0).ExtraStyle Or CustomGridLineStyles.BackOnly

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