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x-axis label format Date Time not display for each point.


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Hello All,

 I have bind a chart programmatically, with Date-time and two numeric column,

Set both the series  x axis label format to "AxisFormat.DateTime"

When chart image display it just shows center date with mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt format,

Please let me know, what is the way to display all points x axis labels on chart.


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Are you setting these DateTime vlaues to the X-Values of the chart of to the X-Axis labels (strings).

If you are using them as X-Values, there is no gurantee that the labels in the X-Axis will match those in your data. The X-Axis shows a Min and a Max and labels in between at even intervals. This interval is called the Step and can be left automatic (default) or can be controlled using AxisX.Step.

If you are setting the DateTime values as c-axis labels, then the chart will show as many as possible without overlap.

In either case, the number of labels displayed is constrained by the available screen realstate.


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