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How can I increase speed for RealTime Graph

1. With RealTime examples give on web site, I increase the Timer to 0.01 sec

So I'm supposed to have 100 data per sec.

The graphic did not follow at this speed

How can I go faster (maybe 100- 250 hz for 1 series, 50 hz for 2 series, ..)

2. I try, (for my application needs) to store the data into a dataSet and

link the data set to the graph, but I'm not sure it's the right procedure

(It could be interesting for real-time ...)



Chart1.DataSource = mDS_Data.Tables("AcqData")

'data receiving

Private Sub OnData(ByVal DBL_Data As Double) Handles


Dim DR_curRow As DataRow

DR_curRow = mDS_Data.Tables("AcqData").NewRow()

DR_curRow("Time") = mDBL_Rate * mDS_Data.Tables("AcqData").Rows.Count

If isNothing (DBL_Data) Then

DR_curRow("Data") = DBNull.Value


DR_curRow("Data") = DBL_Data

End If


Chart1.DataSource = Nothing

Chart1.DataSource = Me.mDS_Data.Tables(0)


End Sub


Phil G


IT Manager

FISO Technologies


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Taking out anti-aliasing:

Chart1.SmoothFlags = SmoothFlags.None;

Improves the drawing speed dramatically.

The type of chart will also affect the rendering speed, the more stuff you

have the slower it will be, for example, rendering a line chart with

Circular point markers is slower than rendering a chart with Square point

markers or no markers at all.



Software FX, Inc.

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