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Drawing a chart 2 different times results in two different drawings?!


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This is odd.

I have a combobox filled with strings that represent keys in a database. When the application loads, the data is loaded into a dictionary. When the user selects one of the strings from the combobox, the appropriate data is filtered from the Dictionary and populates a chart. On the first couple of selections from the combobox, the charts draw correctly, but sometimes it draw with the final data point off of the readable chart area. If I resize the window (even just a little), the chart fixes itself. The only workaround I can think of for the time being is after every selection from the combobox, "programatically" resize the window. I've attached two screenshots: one of the first selection (draws fine) and one of the second selection (draws incorrectly)

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I am populating the charts manually.  When the program loads, there is a call made to database to retrieve all of the rows of data.  From that, I fill a couple of lists with different sets of data (i.e. one list consists entirely of all of the distinct strings from a column of the database...they are months and this is used to populate the X-Axis).  Next, when the user selects something from the drop down box, the data is added to the chart.  I looked at my code while I was doing this and I noticed that I am not clearing the existing X-Axis LabelCollection before adding the new set (so the first time through, I would have 12 months, whereas the second time through, I'd have 24 months, which could explain the issue).  Is there a simple method call to ensure all data and labels are reset before adding new data?

 EDIT: I just changed it to clear the X-Axis labels before adding new ones and that did not solve the problem, it results in the same error.

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