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Zoom problem with multiple panes (in both COM and NET versions)


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We found this problem in both Chart FX Client Server 6.2 and Chart FX 7 (Windows Forms).


Chart FX behaves unexpectedly when zooming the chart with multiple panes. In certain cases, zooming in on one of the panes completely messes up the other pane's scroll position.

First of all, zooming across two panes will zoom in both panes. This is probably the intended behavior, but we would rather zoom in only the axis which was clicked first. Is it possible to change this behavior easily?


The actual problem

The problem happens when one of the panes (the upper one) is already zoomed, and you try too zoom in the other pane (the lower one) somewhere near its top. It seems that ChartFX this also zooms the upper pane in its relative coordinates, making it scroll to some small lower portion.

Again, we found the same problem in both .NET and COM versions.



First, we zoom in the upper pane:

Posted Image


This works as expected:

 Posted Image


Now we try to zoom in the second pane (problem occurs when you zoom near the adjacent pane):

Posted Image


Notice what happened to the first pane:

Posted Image 


Is there a workaround for this?


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