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Extra legend item and missing data point


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I am filling data for a bar chart (in a sample project) in the code-behind of my xaml file with the following code:

private void RandomizeChart()

  // Create the series and add them to the chart
  SeriesAttributes sa1 = new SeriesAttributes { Gallery = Gallery.Bar };

  Random random = new Random();

  // Set the data for the series
  for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
  myChart.Data[0, i] = random.Next(10, 20);

Something I'm doing causes the following:

  • 9 points instead of 10 (the first is missing)
  • Legend entry for "Series 2"

Posted Image

What is the proper way to generate this chart in the code behind.

I ask about the code behind because I often don't have necessary data in database / xml / ItemsSource ... (i.e. bindable) format)?


Thank you,


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Your code works fine (only 1 series and 9 points) using our current build, can you check the version of the ChartFX.WPF.dll file?

You can download our most recent hotfix here, this page uses a control that will try to update your ChartFX files so if you have UAC enabled you must run IE as an Administrator.


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