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Line Chart Colors


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I am in the process of making a chart that has bars and lines.

I want to be able to use ChartFX theming, but when the lines overlap,

  • The line is too dark to immediately recognize the color:

Posted Image

  •  The line is too light and appears to blend into the bar:

Posted Image


Is there any way to specify the color I want the "border" of the line to be? I think the following is much easier to read (I hand drew the border lines):

Posted Image

Thank you,


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Because we paint our lines using a WPF polyline you cannot have a border but you could use the following template for your line series

<DataTemplate x:Key="Line">


  <sys:Double x:Key="cfxDefMarkerSize">10</sys:Double>

  <sys:Double x:Key="cfxDefMarkerStrokeThickness">1</sys:Double>


  <Canvas Opacity="{Binding Path=Opacity}">

  <Polyline Points="{Binding Path=Points}" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="8" StrokeDashArray="{Binding Path=StrokeDashArray}" StrokeMiterLimit="1"/>

  <Polyline Points="{Binding Path=Points}" Stroke="{Binding Path=Stroke}" StrokeThickness="6" StrokeDashArray="{Binding Path=StrokeDashArray}" StrokeMiterLimit="1"/>



  <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=Dimmed}">




  <Setter Property="Opacity" Value="0.3" />





For simplicity I am hardcoding the line thickness to be 6 so that we can paint a thicker line that will be become the border, if you wanted to be more correct you could bind the first line thickness to a converter that adds 2 to the provided value and then bind the second line thickness to StrokeThickness.

To use this template in a chart with only lines you could say

  chart1.AllSeries.Template = (DataTemplate) FindResource("Line");

In your case you will probably want to assign this template to the series that are painted by line. Hope this gets you on the right track



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