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ToolTip gets style-defined frame around my template


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I'm trying to format series ToolTip using my own DataTemplate. The tooltip is formated correctly, but it is displayed within another element (ToolTip I guess) that I can't find a way to get rid of. The element is formatted based on the style that the chart uses (Basic in my case - light yellow rectangle). All I need is a rounded rectangle using my application colors. Xaml below:

<cfx:Chart Name="_dataChart" Style="{x:Static cfxmotifs:Basic.Style}" DataBound="_dataChart_DataBound">   <cfx:Chart.Series> <cfx:SeriesAttributes BindingPath="SeriesA" Content="Series A" Gallery="Area">   <cfx:SeriesAttributes.ToolTips>   <cfx:ToolTipAttributes ConnectedStyle="Closest">   <cfx:ToolTipAttributes.Template>   <DataTemplate>   <Grid DataContext="{Binding Path=DataItem}">   <Border Background="Black" BorderThickness="1" CornerRadius="5" Padding="5">   <StackPanel>   <TextBlock Text="{Binding Timestamp, StringFormat=d}" Foreground="LimeGreen"/>   <TextBlock Text="{Binding SeriesA, StringFormat=#}" Foreground="Red"/>   </StackPanel>   </Border>   </Grid>   </DataTemplate>   </cfx:ToolTipAttributes.Template>   </cfx:ToolTipAttributes>   </cfx:SeriesAttributes.ToolTips>   </cfx:SeriesAttributes>   </cfx:Chart.Series>   <cfx:Chart.AxisX>   <cfx:Axis>   <cfx:Axis.Labels>   <cfx:AxisLabelAttributes BindingPath="Timestamp" CustomFormat="MM-dd-yy"/>   </cfx:Axis.Labels>   </cfx:Axis>   </cfx:Chart.AxisX></cfx:Chart>

Thank you.


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To control the frame/chrome of the tooltip you should remove the Black Rounded border from the DataTemplate and add the following XAML




  <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type cfx:ToolTipArea}">

  <Border Background="Black" BorderThickness="1" CornerRadius="5" Padding="5">








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