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How to align Category labels on Gantt chart?


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Please look at the attached graph produced from ChartFX7 windows. I need to do 2 things.

(1) As you can see, the category labels are not aligned consistently - there are some "white spaces" at the end on some labels. I need all the labels to be "right-aligned" without any white spaces. How to do this?

(2) Also, is there a way to completely remove step marker "--" on the vertical axis?

 Thanks a lot! I appreciate any help on this.


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1) Try this:

 chart.AxisX.Style |= AxisStyle.FixRightAligned;

 Also, make sure there are no trailing spaces in the strings (labels) that come from your data.

 The flag AxisStyle.FixRightAligned is there to work around a bug measuring strings in GDI+. It may cuase the text to looked less smooth (more jagged).

2) That one's easy:

chart1.AxisX.Grids.Major.TickMark =



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