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Drop Lines in Chart with Alpha Colours


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I have an area chart with two series, where one series may mask the data of the other. So I have made the front one have a slight alpha transparency to it.

However this series now ends up with drop lines for each data point which I cannot seem to turn off.

The documentation would seem to imply that I could turn it off with

Chart.Series(0).InternalBorder = False

but the drop lines remain.

I have also tried to just turn off the border for the series.

Somebody please help.

Sample vb code below.

  Dim obj As Cfx62ClientServer.chart

  nSeries = 2
  nPoints = 10
  Set obj = Chart1.Object
  With obj
  i = 0
  .OpenData COD_Values, nSeries, nPoints
  Do While (i < nSeries)
  j = 0: tmp = 0
  Do While (j < nPoints)
  tmp = tmp + (Rnd()) * 10
  .Value(i, j) = tmp
  j = j + 1
  i = i + 1
  .CloseData COD_Values
  .Gallery = Gallery_Area
  .Titles(0).Text = "Test chart for drop lines"
  With .Series(0)
  .Color = 882413046 ' transparent
  End With
  .Series(1).Color = 11790003
  End With

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