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how to remove Left, Top and Right borders?


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if there is no Y axis ploted on the chart, you cannot put a line on the base. I tried to imitate the chart proposed. Please check the code snippet below. Copy this in the load method of your application. Let me know if this works for you.

chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Gantt;   chart1.Data.Series = 2;   chart1.Data.Points = 3;   chart1.Data[0, 0] = 10;   chart1.Data[0, 1] = 20;   chart1.Data[0, 2] = 30;   chart1.Data[1, 0] = -10;   chart1.Data[1, 1] = -20;   chart1.Data[1, 2] = -30;   chart1.LegendBox.Visible = false;   chart1.AllSeries.PointLabels.Visible = true;   chart1.AxesStyle = AxesStyle.None;   CustomGridLine cg = new CustomGridLine(0,string.Empty);   cg.Color = Color.Gray;   cg.Width = 1;   chart1.AxisY.CustomGridLines.Add(cg);   chart1.AxisY.Step = 5;     chart1.AxisY.Grids.Major.Visible = false;   chart1.AxisY.Grids.Minor.Visible = false;   chart1.AxisX.Grids.Major.Visible = false;   chart1.AxisX.Grids.Minor.Visible = true;   Pane pane = new Pane();   chart1.Panes.Add(pane);   pane.Separation = 0;   chart1.Series[1].Pane = pane;   pane.AxisY.Grids.Major.Visible = false;   pane.AxisY.Grids.Minor.Visible = false;   pane.AxisY.Step = 5;   chart1.AxisX.Style |= AxisStyles.HideText;   chart1.AxisY.Line.Style = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.DashStyle.Solid;   chart1.AxisY.Line.Width = 2;   chart1.AxisY.Line.Color = Color.Gray;

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The code snippet you provided produces the attached chart. As you can see, the chart is missing the BASELINE. In fact, I think that, without even adding a new pane as in your code, simply setting AxesStyle.None produces the same result as your code does.

This has to be possible since the desrired chart I posted in the beginning was done by previous version of ChartFX.

I think we are missing a few properties here and there. Please continue to help me out here. I appreciate your help.



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 Hi Sam,

This is what is happening: the chart type is Gantt, so the Axis Y change position with Axis X in order to move the bars horizontally. This means the the zero position of X axis belongs to the first bar. If you want to put for example a custom gridline to zero position on Axis X, this will put it on top of the bar. So custom gridlines will not solve the issue. Then, In Chart FX 7, you cannot draw lines if there is no axis showed on the chart. So in your case, you need that the X axis is not showed, so no lines could be draw.

What i think that might help you is to use an annotation object, but this is a work around. Yo have to calculate the px coordinates of the position Y axis in order to draw and annotation line there.

 I apologize for the inconvenient since this is a chart limitation.

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