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CLR data for simple X,Y plot graph


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I can't for the life of me figure out how to simply plot a bunch of points with x,y coordinates, ideally with both x and y axis logarithmic. Trying to decide whether to purchase SoftwareFX for our project.

Tried various combinations of SeriesAttributes.BindingPath and  AxisX.DataPath etc etc and I'm getting frustrated what am I missing?

The following does the Y axis correctly but the X axis is just in order that the points are added and does not use my RoomPressure property as the X value.

 The chart FlowRPChart is currently set to  Gallery="Line" but really I don't want lines connection the point.



  public class Reading   {   public double TotalFlow { get; set; }   public double RoomPressure { get; set; }   public Reading(double totalFlow, double roomPressure)   {   this.TotalFlow = totalFlow;   this.RoomPressure = roomPressure;   }   }   private void Go_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)   {   List<Reading> Readings = new List<Reading>();   Readings.Add(new Reading(114, 45));   Readings.Add(new Reading(190, 48));   Readings.Add(new Reading(76, 40));   Readings.Add(new Reading(73, 36));   Readings.Add(new Reading(79, 38));   Readings.Add(new Reading(67, 35));   Readings.Add(new Reading(65, 34));   Readings.Add(new Reading(62, 31));   this.FlowRPChart.ItemsSource = Readings;   SeriesAttributes series = new SeriesAttributes();   series.Content = "Flow";   series.BindingPath = "TotalFlow";   series.BindingPathX = "RoomPressure";   FlowRPChart.Series.Add(series);   FlowRPChart.AxisX.DataPath = "RoomPressure";


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Make sure you clear the series collection in case the chart already has data (or was displayed with random data). Also remove the AxisX.DataPath setting, this is useful when the gallery does not "natively" support X values (e.g. Bar) but you still want smart labels in the X axis typically dates.

If you don't want the lines connecting the points you should set the Gallery to Scatter.


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