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Closely sequential time related data points in line chart aren't being connected

Darin Daubert

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Hello,I recently ran into a problem where I'm showing two sequential data points in a line chart and the data points are not being connected.  The chart shows 5 days worth of data, so the X axis is set to Date and I've set a min/max/step on the axis.  The two sequential data points are 10 minutes apart.  If I make the data points 30 or more minutes apart, a line is drawn between the two data points perfectly fine.  We are in the midst of switching from our legacy ActiveX ChartFX 4.5 over to the WPF version and the ActiveX version is working fine.  I've attached a sample application demonstrating my issue.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Thank-you,Darin Daubert

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There is an optimization feature that tries to handle a chart with thousands of points (or more) and a small number of pixels, and a bug on this code was the one causing the problem, it has been fixed on build 3595.

You can also workaround this problem with the following code

((ChartFX.WPF.Galleries.Line) chart1.AllSeries.GalleryAttributes).CollapseDistance = 0;


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