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notification of user's changes

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Hi there.

I need to know when a user changes the gallery of my chart so that later on

I can restore it correctly. I've added a handler for the ChangedByUser event

but it seems to be called *before* the Gallery property is updated rather

than afterwards. Is there a way to find out what the new value is going to

be or be notified *after* the property changes?



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I'm afraid not. The DataChangedByUser event is intended for handling of a

"Dirty" State of the chart object and it is sent BEFORE the change occurs so

that the current settings can be saved PRIOR to change.

What you could do here is to set up a timer on DataChangedByUser allowing

the process to finish, then when this timer fires, you can check the value

of the Gallery property.

Notice that due to the single threaded nature of Controls, you can set up

the timer to fire immediately, the timer will be caught in the next "idle"

cycle causing no noticeable delay to the user.



Software FX, Inc.

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