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Miss-alignment of Y-axes in Multi-pane chart


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As the attached file, the shape of the Y-axis in second pane of the multi-pane chart is out of alignment.

Chart initialization code is,

  StackPanePanel sPPanel = new StackPanePanel();

  sPPanel.Orientation = StackPaneOrientation.Vertical;

  chart1.PanesPanel = sPPanel;



and the code of 'for' loop to add panes to the chart is,

  Pane pane0 = new Pane();




When I change the size of the chart, such as moving a grid-splitter, the alignment of the Y-axes become worse and worse gradually.

My current version of the ChartFX for WPF is 3547.21860

What should I do??

Thank you.


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And if the number of digits varies in each Y-axis values in multi-pane chart, the alignment of the Y-axes becomes bad, too.

ex, if the number of digits of Y axis in first pane is 4 (1000~9999), and 1 in second pane (0~9), then the Y axes of Pane1 and Pane2 would be out of alignment.


What should I do to solve this problem?? Is there any option to set the offset of Y-axis?

Thank you.


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This bug is related to the titles in the Y axes, we are actively working on this issue but as a temporary workaround I would recommend you comment out the code where you set the AxisY Title property.

Note that you can create a Title, set its DockPanel.Dock attached property to Dock.Left and add it to the Chart's global collection of titles, this will show a single title to the left explaining what the Y axes are plotting.


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