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Incorrect scroll information about a chart.

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Hi All,

We'd like to get current scroll information about a chart. For this purpose

we use PaintInfo method with CPI_SCROLLINFO parameter passed into it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem working in our code - the method returns 0

value. We use ChartFX Client Server v. (Windows 2000 SP3, MS

DevStudio 6, C++, MFC). The following is a code snippet:

void Cfx_AxisX_ScrollInfo(IChartFXPtr pChartFX, short& act_pos, short&



_variant_t vAxis((short)AXIS_X);

_variant_t vPos = pChartFX->PaintInfo(CPI_SCROLLINFO, vAxis);

act_pos = LOWORD(vPos.lVal);

max_pos = HIWORD(vPos.lVal);


Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Anton.

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