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Custom pie slice colors with multiple charts


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I have attempted to replicate your pie chart demo.

When I specify a custom color for a pie chart that has multiple series like so:

chart1.Points[0, 0].Fill = Brushes.Chartreuse;

chart1.Points[1, 0].Fill = Brushes.Chartreuse;

chart1.Points[2, 0].Fill = Brushes.Chartreuse;

chart1.Points[3, 0].Fill = Brushes.Chartreuse;

The "highlight" effect does not work properly.

Here is the desired behavior, as shown on one of the slices using a default color:

Posted Image 

You will see that the orange slice (with the default color) is highlighted across all charts.

When I hover over the pie slice that I have set a custom color for:

Posted Image 

Only the legend is highlighted, and not the pie slices on the additional charts.

I have made sure that each chart has its pie slice color at index 0 set to the same color (Brushes.Chartreuse).

Is there any way to get the pie slices to highlight when I'm using a custom color?

Thank you,


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If you are using the same brush for all the series with a specific point then you want your code to look like this

  chart1.Points[0].Fill = Brushes.Aqua;

  chart1.Points[1].Fill = Brushes.Brown;

By using the indexer with only 1 parameter (point) you are telling that us that the attributes are shared by all series.


When you use per-point attributes highlight will work with all the elements that are using the same "PointAttributes", e.g. if you do this

PointAttributes p = new PointAttributes();

p.Fill = Brushes.Red;

chart1.Points[0,2] = p:

chart1.Points[1,5] = p;

And hover over the third point on the first series (0,2) we will also highlight (1,5). But when you use the getter

chart1.Points[0,2].Fill = Brushes.Red

We are creating a brand new point attribute that will not be shared.


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