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Licensing problem


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We are using Chart FX Developper Studio 2006

We have developped a chartfx application

 the only dll we use are chartfx.winforms and chartfx.winforms.base

when I run the application on my PC, I do not have any problem

 but when a user runs it, it get the message : 

chartfx developper studio may only be used only on a local development machine

 Is my license wrong ? 

Do I have the wrong product for winforms ? 

What kind of product do I have to buy ? 

Where can I get support in France ?



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Chart FX Developer Studio is a "development only" license, which does not allow redistribution (http://www.softwarefx.com/devStudio/). Being a development only license, it works perfectly on your development machine but when you run it outside of it, users will get the message stating that the license is not to be used for production.

The product you need to purchase is Chart FX 7 (Windows Forms) (http://www.softwarefx.com/sfxNetProducts/ChartFX/features/default.aspx). It can be purchased directly from our online shop at https://www.softwarefx.com/ESD or you can contact our sales staff at sales@online.softwarefx.com (remove online).

We don't provide local support in France but you can contact our support team by email at support@online.softwarefx.com (remove online)



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