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How to make ChartFX to a User Control


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Can I use ChartFX inside user control?

how to raise postback from chart_click to the parent page?

i'm writing in C# language

I'm using ChartFX inside User Control

(User Control have 1 Panel and 2 controls inside it, ChartFX and Label so I'm implement IPostBackEventHandler to User Control and make Panel and Chart to raise postback when click) and I generate it at runtime like dynamic control while in page_load then i'm add event handler to it.

the problem is:

In parent page i have listbox to select something then when user push the button on parent page it will postback and generate user control to display graph which is selected by user then first time load. I test it by clicking on some point of series 0 i got warning from IE like "Object Expected" but if I click on somewhere else (in panel) it can raise postback correctly then if I click the point of series 0 again it can raise postback correct too.

please help, I get stuck for more 2 days

you can see what happen in attach file

StatClass.cs is contain the Event structure

DefaultGraph.ascx is user control

GraphView.aspx is Page that create user control dynamically

sorry i can not attach file to the post i will attach it later

thanks for your advance

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