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Turn off X axis steps?


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Is there any way to stop the stuttering when it updates then?

 ie. If I turn off autoscroll (while still graphing data, live) and scroll back through my data manually to look at the graph, the graph jerks back and forth (left & right) everytime it refreshes. (which is about 10-15 times a second... this makes it almost impossible to read the chart while the graph is recording)




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 Please try setting this properties to the chart:

 // Removing this flag is required to support Fast Scroll   chart1.ExtraStyle &= ~ChartStyles.CacheImage;

// The buffer size must match the chart points

chart1.RealTime.BufferSize = nTotalPoints;

// This will improve chart startup time as it will not wait until th data is initialized to draw the chart   chart1.UpdateSizeNow();


Then, have you tried the RealSample application that came in the resource center? (Advance Features -> Sample Applications)

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 I just tried specifying the buffersize as well... this did not change anything.


I have tried the sample application. The problem is... I cannot set the 'buffersize' as I will not be able to tell how much data I will be grabbing at any point.

 I also currently use:

Chart1.ExtraStyle = Chart1.ExtraStyle And Not


I have no idea if it is doing what it should though...  I am also currently using the Chart1.UpdateSizeNow.

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Tried a few more things and the problem is definitely related to the steps.

 Every time the program receives data past the 'step' the entire graph 'adjusts' to make room for the new grid... This causes the 'jerking' motion. You guys need to come up with a way to have it so the addition of a new step doesn't cause the graph to move.

 To show you... I've attached a link to the tweaked RealTimeGraph program. Simply run the program and wait 2 seconds and you'll see what its doing.


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