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  1. This is very frustrating that we are required to purchase an upgrade.
  2. I'm not really sure what your reasoning is behind requiring VS 2008 to be installed, but this really needs to be fixed. I do not have a copy of VS 2008 to install, but I can't install ChartFX 7 without it. I have a new version of VS 2013 running older 2010 projects that need to be going out, but I can't compile if I don't have chartFX installed, and I can't install chartFX until you guys fix this. Please help.
  3. I am having this exact same problem. I no longer have my VS 2008 install disk, and I just installed VS 2013 on a fresh computer, and when trying to install chartFX 7 it is telling me I need VS 2008. HELP!
  4. Found my answer. Set a custom format: Chart1.AllSeries.PointLabels.Format = "%L %p%%"
  5. Is it possible to give a Pie Chart custom labels? (So it's not just the percentage) (.net client) thanks
  6. Tried a few more things and the problem is definitely related to the steps. Every time the program receives data past the 'step' the entire graph 'adjusts' to make room for the new grid... This causes the 'jerking' motion. You guys need to come up with a way to have it so the addition of a new step doesn't cause the graph to move. To show you... I've attached a link to the tweaked RealTimeGraph program. Simply run the program and wait 2 seconds and you'll see what its doing. RealTimeCharts.zip
  7. -EDIT- I just tried specifying the buffersize as well... this did not change anything. I have tried the sample application. The problem is... I cannot set the 'buffersize' as I will not be able to tell how much data I will be grabbing at any point. I also currently use: Chart1.ExtraStyle = Chart1.ExtraStyle And Not ChartStyles.CacheImageI have no idea if it is doing what it should though... I am also currently using the Chart1.UpdateSizeNow.
  8. Is there any way to stop the stuttering when it updates then? ie. If I turn off autoscroll (while still graphing data, live) and scroll back through my data manually to look at the graph, the graph jerks back and forth (left & right) everytime it refreshes. (which is about 10-15 times a second... this makes it almost impossible to read the chart while the graph is recording) thanks
  9. Is it possible to completely turn off X axis steps? I've noticed that every time a 'step' increment is put in on a realtime graph the whole graph stutters when it updates. thanks
  10. Hello, I'm working with a realtime chart, and I'm having 2 small issues I can't seem to figure out. 1. When the graph starts... everything is fine... but as soon as the autoscroll kicks in the graphed line starts 'jerking' left and right with every graphupdate call. This happens whether I'm looking at previous points in the graph or watching the data as it comes in. The entire chart jerks back and forth. Any idea what could be causing this? If needed I could probably post a short video. 2. My second issue is this: When I 'beginadddata' to the realtime graph, if I add data in this way...
  11. Alright... I just figured out a solution. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, I understand what you are saying. I guess I just need some advice on the best way I should go about entering in data to my graph. I am only able to access one 'series' at a time, and when I load this series into memory I do it on a background thread, that in turn passes the data to the graph on the UI thread. When its done, the UI thread is refreshing the graph. The problem is... this refresh takes far too long. (not really anyones fault)... (So in other words, the graph is being redrawn by the UI thread after every series is added. Thus the more series I have the longer it takes t
  13. I am adding data to a chart. Number with a datestamp. Every series will have about 100 points, and there could be thousands of series on one graph. My issue (the current way I'm doing it) ... as the graph loads all my data (I'm inputting using chart1.data.Y(i,i)...and chart1.data.X(i2,i2)...) the loading process takes longer and longer for each series I add. Presumably because the chart is reloading and refreshing the graph display every time I add the next series. I would like it to only do a graph refresh AFTER all the loading is done. This way the load will take a much shorter time. Do
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