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Couple little realtime chart issues.


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 I'm working with a realtime chart, and I'm having 2 small issues I can't seem to figure out.

 1. When the graph starts... everything is fine... but as soon as the autoscroll kicks in the graphed line starts 'jerking' left and right with every graphupdate call. This happens whether I'm looking at previous points in the graph or watching the data as it comes in. The entire chart jerks back and forth. Any idea what could be causing this? If needed I could probably post a short video.

 2. My second issue is this: When I 'beginadddata' to the realtime graph, if I add data in this way... nothing shows up: (setting x/y for each point)

Chart1.Data.Y(0, 0) = weightChart1.Data.X(0, 0) = CInt(time)

Instead the only way I can get the graph to work is to do this: (which only sets the y values)

Chart1.Data(0, 0) = weight

I'm logging and controlling the x axis time value myself, and they do not always increment evenly. Here is the charts setup code, and the update call.


Chart1.ExtraStyle = Chart1.ExtraStyle And Not ChartStyles.CacheImage

Chart1.ExtraStyle = Chart1.ExtraStyle Or ChartStyles.DoubleBuffer

Chart1.Data.Series = 1

Chart1.RealTime.BufferSize = 0

Chart1.RealTime.Mode = RealTimeMode.Scroll

Chart1.RealTime.LoopMarker.Color = Color.Red


Chart1.Series(0).Color = Color.Red

Chart1.Series(0).Line.Width = 2



Chart1.AxisY.Min = 0

Chart1.AxisY.Max = 20000

Chart1.AxisY.ScaleUnit = 1

Chart1.AxisY.Step = 5000



Chart1.AxisX.PixelsPerUnit = 6

Chart1.AxisX.LabelsFormat.Format = AxisFormat.None

Chart1.AxisX.Style = (Chart1.AxisX.Style Or AxisStyles.HideText)



// This is called every 100ms from a timer event. (obviously, you can see the commented code. I only call either one or the other. (the X/Y update or just the single data Y update))

Chart1.RealTime.BeginAddData(1, ChartFX.WinForms.RealTimeAction.Append)

Chart1.Data(0, 0) = weight

'Chart1.Data.Y(0, 0) = weight

'Chart1.Data.X(0, 0) = CInt(time)

Chart1.RealTime.EndAddData(False, False) 


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