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Hashtable chart


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# This simple hashtable chart produces the error:

#Add-Member : Cannot bind argument to parameter 'Name' because it is null.

#At line:5 char:70 + add-member -inputobject $aItem -membertype NoteProperty -Name <<<<  $entry.Key -value $entry.Count

# What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


# Test for snapin already registered with session; add it if not.

$Variable = Get-PSSnapIn 'PowerGadgets' -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

if (!$Variable)


 add-pssnapin PowerGadgets


$names = "Not given ", "ECO.Level1", "ECO.Level2", "ECO.Level3", "ECO.Level4"

$levels = 3, 2, 4, 1, 5

$entries = new-object -typename System.Collections.Hashtable

foreach ($i in 0..$NUMITEMS) {

 $entries.Add($names[$i], $levels[$i])


$block = {

  $aItem = new-object object

 add-member -inputobject $aItem -membertype NoteProperty -Name Name -value "ECO Levels"

 foreach ($entry in $entries) { # DictionaryEntry.Key,Value

add-member -inputobject $aItem -membertype NoteProperty -Name $entry.Key -value $entry.Count  # or $entry.Value


  write-output $aItem

}  # block

&$block | out-chart -title "ECO Levels Report" -View3D_Enabled true -view3D_rotated true -Palette "ChartFX6.EarthTones"

&$block | out-chart -title "Event Log Report" -Series_3_Color Green -Series_2_Color Red -Series_1_Color Blue -Series_0_Color Orange

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foreach ($i in 0..$NUMITEMS) {

add-member -inputobject $aItem -membertype NoteProperty -Name $entry.Key -value $entry.Count  # or $entry.Value


I've just left 2 lines of interest...  I'm not sure where you get $NUMITEMS.  Would that be this instead:

foreach($i in 0..$names.count)

That may still leave you with an offset of 1.

For your add-member command, I believe you should have:

...-name $entry.keys -value $entry.values

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