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Series fill is wrong!?


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I have a problem regarding the brush used to fill series. I have a chart w. gallery set to Area. In some situations the entire chart is refreshed, by clearing the Series attribute, and adding the series all over. When this happens, however, the colors of the series are off, e.g. the first series to be added to the chart always seems to get the same color as the series that was no. 1 before the clear.

I've attached an example project to demonstrate this scenario;

  • Series 1 ( Fill = Red) is painted
  • Series 2  (Fill = Green) is painted
  • State: Series 2 is painted in Green on top of Series 1 painted in Red
  • chart.Series is cleared
  • Series 2  (Fill = Green) is painted
  • Series 1 ( Fill = Red) is painted
  • State: Series 1 is painted in Green on top of Series 2 painted in Red


Could you please inform me how to avoid this scenario?


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In your sample app Series.Clear() should have been enough, we have uploaded a new hotfix that fixes this bug so you should NOT need to worry about Data.Series or Data.Points.

Also note that if all you wanted was to flip the series Z order to make the bottom visible you can do something like

SeriesAttributes s1 = chart.Series[1];


chart.Series.Insert(0, s1);

This would avoid having to reprocess the series data. 



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