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Adjusting the stroke thickness for line chart of a built in motif


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 What is the best approach to go about changing the StrokeThickness of the line in a line chart when using a built in motif from ChartFX.WPF.Motifs ?

 The overall styles provided are a good fit for us, we simply want to increase the line thickness in a few of the line chart styles. 

 Any suggestions about how to go about doing this?



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Although different motifs might default to different line thicknesses you can override those by using the SeriesAttributes either globally (AllSeries) or on a per-series basis.


  <cfx:AllSeriesAttributes StrokeThickness="5"/>


Note that this will also affect other gallery types as their templates will typically honor stroke thickness, e.g. bars will have a wider border.

We do not have a way to easily modify the thickness for the lines only. You could alternatively borrow the template for the line, adjust the default line thickness and set it using the template property of the SeriesAttributes class.



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