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Connecting data point A to data point C when point B has a NULL value?

Darin Daubert

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Hope I can explain this, but this is one where my attached pictures and project file will speak louder than my post...

I'm currently bound to a business object that has a datetime, and two nullable float properties.  Some of the instances of the business object could have one or both of the float values.  I've bound the list of objects to a line chart.  Whenever the chart sees a NULL value it doesn't chart the value (which is good), but it also doesn't connect point A to point C.  In most circumstances this is exactly what I would normally want, however, I have a business requirement for one of my graphs that point A should connect to point C when point B is null.  I've attached two pictures, one showing the default behavior and one showing what I would like.  I've also attached a sample application.  Is there some way that I could get the line to carry through without rewritting the business object as two seperate lists?

Thank-you,Darin Daubert

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There is a feature that supports connecting points around null values but unfortunately the current public builds only support this functionality for categorical charts i.e. charts without a numerical/date X axis.

We have added support for XY charts in our current internal build but because it contains other changes we are still running some tests on it. Once it is released you will be able to write the following code

chart1.Data.InterpolateHidden = true;



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