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IndexOutOfRangeException when setting AxisX.Min with a Date Axis?

Darin Daubert

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I've been getting an IndexOutOfRangeException on my graphs when I set the AxisX.Min and AxisX.Max when my axis format is a date format.  I've attached a sample app recreating the issue I'm getting.  The strange thing is that if you remove the WindowState=Maximized in XAML, I no longer get the error.  Alternatively, I can also remove the AxisX.Min and AxisX.Max calls, and I no longer get the error.  Unfortunately, in my project, I need to be able to set the Min and Max dates.  Can you take a look at the example and let me know what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks again!Darin

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You have to do the following

  1. Move the BindingPathX from AllSeriesAttributes to the Series in the Chart.Series collection. We do not try to use any of the BindingPath* properties from AllSeries

  2. Remove the BindingPath from AxisLabelAttributes: You should not use this property when using XY charts.
  3. Remove the AxisX.AutoScale = false setting, this is not necessary as we will set it to false internally when you set Min and Max

I would also recommend that to improve the formatting in your X axis you choose one of the following

  • If you know your data will never include more than a day you can set Format="Time" and CustomFormat="hh:mm"

  • If your data might include more than a day you might want to set Format="DateTime" (no CustomFormat required)


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