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Legend Marker size not matching Series Marker size

Darin Daubert

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Hello,I'm setting the marker's size property in XAML and while the marker changes in the plot area, it is not changing in the Legend box.  Is there a custom template that I have to write or something to get the Legend marker size to match what I specified in the series?

 Series marker XAML:   <cfx:SeriesAttributes ItemsSource="{Binding Series}" Gallery="Line" BindingPath="LabResult" BindingPathX="ObservationDate">   <cfx:SeriesAttributes.Marker>   <cfx:MarkerAttributes Shape="Circle" Size="6" />   </cfx:SeriesAttributes.Marker>   </cfx:SeriesAttributes>LegendBox XAML:   <cfx:Chart.LegendBox>   <cfx:LegendBox Visibility="Hidden" DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" Background="#F0F0F0" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" FontSize="9">   </cfx:LegendBox>   </cfx:Chart.LegendBox>

I've attached an export of the graph to show what I mean.  Notice that the series circle marker is smaller than the one shown in the legend.  I'd like the legend to be smaller as well.

Thank-you in advance!Darin

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Our default behavior is only to use the marker size in the legend if there are more than 2 series using different marker sizes. You can customize the marker size used in the legend with this code

chart1.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[chart1.Series].MarkerSize =

new Size(6, 6);

Note that currently there is no way to accomplish this in XAML, we expect to support this in future builds.


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