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ChartFX Solaris 10 performance


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 I am experiencing some very odd load times of the sample graphs on a Sun FIre T1000 server with solaris 10. ChartFx is taking over 30 seconds to render a chart (modified datagrid.jsp). The same chart loads in about 8 seconds on a HP laptop. Both the laptop and the SunFIre are using java 1.5_0.18 and Glassfish 2.1 (app server 9.1.1). I simply followed the directions int the ChartFX docs to deploying to a servlet.

As I request the graph, I watch prstat on the solaris box. The PID for the Glassfish Server goes from a sleep state to a CPU run state. The PID state does not change until the graph is returned and displayed in my browser.

The Sun Fire is a new box but everything else appears to working fine. A simple 'Hello World' jsp request returns immediately. I tried using tomcat instead of Glashfish (as requested by ChartFX support) but no significant difference was noticed.

Sun Server can ping the internet and is configured with a working DNS.

Does anyone have any idea's?

Are there any dependencies that may not be installed on the Sun server that ChartFX needs?

Is anybody else using ChartFX on a Solaris box?

 Thanks for your help!







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 I installed the sample charts onto a linux server (different box on the same network) along with jdk 1.5.0_20 (latest jdk I could download) in a tomcat container. The charts took about 1 second to load.


I upgraded our solaris server with this latest jdk version 1.5.0_20. I restarted the Glassfish server and noticed that my load times have gone from 30+ seconds down to about 3 seconds. This is an awesome improvement, but I still would like to be around a 1 second load time.


Any idea's?

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