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  1. I am using the exportChart method to generate a jpeg file that I import into a PDF document (thru apache PDFBox). After it is imported, the resultant chart is grainy and blurry since its jpeg was generated by ChartFx for a browser (72 DPI) and imported into higher resolution (320 DPI - PDFBox drawImage) PDF. I have been unable to find a way to setup the output resolution in ChartFx. Thanks for sharing your idea's or suggestions! Steve La Corte
  2. Thanks Andreg, Your suggestion to set the color of both axis lines worked great for question 2! For question 3, I set the backgound color by calling: chart1.setBackground(new SolidBackground(Color.WHITE)) and that worked great! For question 1, I prefer not to use a picture shape. I found the following description in the API for the SeriesAttribute class and setMarkerFont method: " You can extend the point types available by setting the PointAttributes.setMarkerShape(com.softwarefx.chartfx.server.MarkerShape) to an integer representing the negative ASCII code from any font. By default,
  3. 1. Is there a way to define and set custom marker shapes (i.e 'a hollow circle') ? 2. I also am looking for a way to set the border around the plot area to solid black. Currently it appears to be using the minor grid line color. 3. How can I create an all white chart with no palette? The default palette has a blue top after I set the background color to white. Thanks! Steve
  4. I installed the sample charts onto a linux server (different box on the same network) along with jdk 1.5.0_20 (latest jdk I could download) in a tomcat container. The charts took about 1 second to load. I upgraded our solaris server with this latest jdk version 1.5.0_20. I restarted the Glassfish server and noticed that my load times have gone from 30+ seconds down to about 3 seconds. This is an awesome improvement, but I still would like to be around a 1 second load time. Any idea's?
  5. I am experiencing some very odd load times of the sample graphs on a Sun FIre T1000 server with solaris 10. ChartFx is taking over 30 seconds to render a chart (modified datagrid.jsp). The same chart loads in about 8 seconds on a HP laptop. Both the laptop and the SunFIre are using java 1.5_0.18 and Glassfish 2.1 (app server 9.1.1). I simply followed the directions int the ChartFX docs to deploying to a servlet. As I request the graph, I watch prstat on the solaris box. The PID for the Glassfish Server goes from a sleep state to a CPU run state. The PID state does not change until the graph i
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