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Subtle bug in Printer for Gantt chart, inverted X axis


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Start with a Chart with the Gantt style and an inverted X axis -- so, axis labels are along the top and left sides of the graph and bars are horizontal.  Add enough data to it to require scrolling (100 items in my example), and call Printer.Print(), which performs a multipage print (4 pages in my example).  Here's the problem:  the Print method prints the chart in a bottom-up fashion, so all the empty space on the graph (in my example, the final page has only four bars) ends up between the top bar and the top axis on the last page. 

That's fine when the X-axis is in the normal position -- but when *inverted*, all that empty space lands between the top bar and the axis that hosts all the labels associated with the top bar.  When printing a Gantt chart with an inverted X-axis, that empty space belongs at the bottom of the chart -- in other words, the origin for the chart should be the intersection of the two labeled axes, and the chart should be generated in a top down fashion.  I'd be happy to send a fax or a scan if the words don't bring the picture across.


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