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  1. Is there anyway to specify a horizontal BoxPlot, as opposed to the default vertical?
  2. What multiple of the IQR is used to determine the Upper and Lower limits in a BoxPlot? I know that 1.5 is a common multiple, but I can't find this in your documentation. Is there a way to instead set manual values for the Upper and Lower limits for each series? This would enable developers to implement some common variations in these types of charts, such as using max/min, using limits 1 s.d. from the mean. or using other percentiles. Is there a way to change the IQR multiple used? Besides allowing flexibility there, it provides a way to hack max/min boundaries by setting an absurdly
  3. Start with a Chart with the Gantt style and an inverted X axis -- so, axis labels are along the top and left sides of the graph and bars are horizontal. Add enough data to it to require scrolling (100 items in my example), and call Printer.Print(), which performs a multipage print (4 pages in my example). Here's the problem: the Print method prints the chart in a bottom-up fashion, so all the empty space on the graph (in my example, the final page has only four bars) ends up between the top bar and the top axis on the last page. That's fine when the X-axis is in the normal position -- bu
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