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 I have a couple questions:

1. If I need to send multiple parameters to my drilldown script, how do I do so?  If I use -drilldown_parameter { $_.Prop1, $_.Prop2 }, I get one argument to my drilldown script (args[0]) and it is a space-delimited string: "valueOfProp1 valueOfProp2".  This is problematic when either value has a space...

2. The documentation says that the -drilldown_parameter switch will rarely be needed, and that if absent, the objects in the pipeline before out-guage will be passed to the drilldown script.  I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or misunderstanding the use of the drilldown.




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 Actually, I finally found a sample in the forums.  The proper syntax is

 -drilldown_parameter { $_.Prop1 }, { $_.Prop2 }, { $_.Prop3 }

I am still interested in item #2 however: why will -drilldown_parameter rarely be needed?  Don't you need it to specify what data will be passed to the drilldown script?  If absent, will any data be passed to the drilldown script?

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