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How to enable scroll bar and How to set background color


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The default background is a Gradient Background. 

To set a plain background do:

chart1.Background =


The default background color is dependant on the palette. To change it to a specific color (not dependant on the palette) do:

 chart1.BackColor= <color>;

To turn scrolling on and off(default):

chart.AxisX.AutoScroll = true/false;

Notice that the scrollbar will only show if there is a need for it.

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The BackColor properties will set the entire background color. How about setting the background color for the chart plotted area, the middle section?

The scrolling is turn on when the enable check box is clicked. So, how can I fired the scrolling to true from javascript?


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I found this from online documentation:

Dim myGradient = New GradientBackground(GradientType.BackwardDiagonal)

Charts.PlotAreaBackground = myGradient

But to use gradient, "ChartFX.Adornments.dll" must be added as reference, but I cant find this dll file, only manage to get "ChartFX.WebForms.Adornments.dll". I dunno are they the same.

From the code, I hit an error, saying "GradientBackground" is not defined.

Please help.

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Are you using the Webforms version of the product? Have you dropped a chart control directly from the toolbox onto a form? If so, this library should have been added automatically. If not, try adding it manually. The one you need to add is: ChartFX.WebForms.Adornments.dll

In order to specify a color for the plot area, you can set it as follows: 

Chart1.PlotAreaColor = Drawing.Color.Red



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